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As one of the world’s largest providers of web analytics and data to support business growth, investment opportunities, and industry benchmarking, SimilarWeb’s sales and CISO teams see more end-client onboarding questionnaires than they can count.

Knowing that the response time needed to manually complete each questionnaire was a bottleneck in their company’s sales cycle, Director of Information Security Raz Karmi started looking for a solution that would help streamline the job.

The Solution?


Using AI to scan, source, and auto-populate questionnaires, SimilarWeb has freed up its team members, enabling them to focus their attention on their primary work.

The Problem

SimilarWeb was caught between a rock and a hard place—the company’s infosec team was receiving multiple high-urgency compliance questionnaires from their sales team on a regular basis.

In order to handle the huge workload timely and accurately, the team’s director Raz Karmi and his department had to scour in-house data sources and required the input of multiple employees to get the job done.

Knowing that many hours were being spent reviewing questions that often needed repetitive but complex responses, Raz began searching for a platform that could simplify the questionnaire process. “The task was so time-consuming. I knew it could be done more efficiently. But I needed an innovative solution that could speed up my response time.”

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“The task was so time-consuming. I knew it could be done more efficiently. But I needed an innovative solution that could speed up my response time.”

Raz Karmi
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“I think that everyone should try Vendict—anyone who deals with multiple questionnaires."

The Solution

Onboarding Vendict’s AI has definitely helped search for information, Aner confirms. When you know the answer to a complex question exists, Vendict saves you very meaningful time by searching our databases for the response. “Thanks to the search capabilities and the ability to contextualize questionnaires, they now take dramatically less time to complete.”

How quickly did Aner see the value in leveraging tech and automating his questionnaire responses?

“Within the first few questionnaires, we saw value. In one of our most recent questionnaires, we had 140 questions! The value of Vendict’s AI was definitely felt.”

When considering the need for more standardization within the industry and where existing inefficiencies can be solved with existing solutions, Aner agrees that there is already one ready at hand.

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