The CISO Burnout Report

A firefighting Panda cooling down the flames of the CISO pressure cooker

In today's digital world, CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers)) are the unsung heroes battling cyber threats day in and day out. But behind their tough exterior lies a hard truth: they're drowning in stress and burnout, struggling to keep up with sky-high expectations and the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

What started as a casual chat about their daily grind quickly turned into a deep dive into why CISOs are feeling the pressure like never before. From startups to big corporations, the story's the same: these folks are dedicated, and hardworking, but overwhelmed by high expectations, a shortage of highly skilled staff and a support system that doesn’t fully understand the pressure they are under.

Our 2024 CISO Burnout Report which interviews CISOs across 15 countries across companies of all shapes and sizes, sheds a light on this pressing issue. Shockingly, over 80% of CISOs are feeling the strain, leading to team turnover, personal struggles, and an overall sense of exhaustion.

Despite the challenges, CISOs believe that with better resources and support, they can turn the tide on burnout and reclaim their balance.

Dive into the report, and uncover the underlying causes of CISO Burnout and recommendations for your team and company.

The CISO Burnout Report

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All participants responded anonymously, covering a range of startups to large corporations across Europe and the US. A few chose to reveal their identities and are included in the report, offering personal feedback in interviews that back up the key data points.

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