"I love responding to security questionnaires" said no one ever!

Vendict automates security questionnaire responses so that you can focus your efforts where it matters the most!

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Say goodbye to answering manual responses

It is the Generative AI era. You shouldn’t spend your time copy-pasting text from one questionnaire to another.

Fill out questionnaires fast & automatically

Never be the bottleneck of a sales process

Turn security assessments into a fast-track to business growth

Save your team the hassle of repetitive, mundane tasks

Searchable knowledge base accessible by all

Complete security questionnaires 50x faster and more accurately by leveraging your entire knowledge base.

Provide more professional and comprehensive answers in a fraction of the time

Help everyone get the answers they need, when they need, without relying on anyone else

Have one single source of truth for your compliance stature. Save arguments!

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Types of questions
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Hours saved
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1.3 Days
Average questionnaire response time

Generative AI at its finest.

Leverage all your documents for any questionnaire or framework. Multi-lingual. Collaborative.

Unique compliance library per-product

Steer clear of confusion and errors, while tailoring compliance for each specific product.

Multi-lingual support

Don't miss out on international sales (due to language barrier).

Same-day support

Your sales are first on your company's priority list — and ours. Never be the deal's bottleneck.

Collaborate with subject matter experts

Sync complex questionnaires easily. Reduce team interruptions and the time wasted on seeking answers.

Support any format

Whether your questionnaires arrive in Excel, Word, PDF, or through a third-party platform - Vendict can tackle all of these!

Suggested standard answer

We decipher the expectations behind each questionnaire and guide you towards best-practice responses.

Ready to get your time back?

Give us only 20 minutes and we will show you how to get 20 hours back.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

How do you find the best answers?

We are laser-focused on developing the best AI NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine around security, privacy, and compliance. The engine understands which topic any text in these fields relates to. And it provides the magic feeling when using our platform.The same engine is at the base of all our modules. For example, to answer a question, the engine finds Knowledge Base entries relating to the same topic.

Does Vendict handle answers in other languages?

Absolutely. You can add both source documents and questionnaires in different languages, including:

– Source documents such as completed questionnaires in non-English language. Then, upon a new English questionnaire, for example, answers from the completed questionnaire will also be displayed. Informative words are even highlighted.

– New questionnaire to fill in a non-English language. Then all the knowledge base entries (including entries in English) are considered. Informative words in all the entries are even highlighted.– Editing the entries manually and their translation is also available.

Which security questionnaire formats does Vendict support?

Whether your questionnaire arrives in Excel, Word, PDF, or through a third-party platform, Vendict is here to help. Our dedicated AI not only locates the questions but also understands where responses should be input. Plus, with our specially developed Chrome extension, you can automatically fill out questionnaires directly from third-party platforms.

Do you offer a free trial?

Absolutely! Please contact us and book a demo.

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