New feature – How to automatically respond to web security questionnaires

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Getting more and more web security questionnaires?

You asked—we listened!


Udi here.

Web-based questionnaires are becoming more common. But the problem is that they usually take much longer to complete.

Now, you can have them answered completely within seconds with Vendict’s new Google Chrome extension:


Vendict users now have the ability to streamline the submission of security questionnaires straight from the browser.

No more copy-and-paste needed.

The application smoothly integrates with the TPRM platform that is used to send off your compliance documents, cutting down the submission process by an average of 85%.

Here’s how it works:


After generating the answers to your questionnaires with its AI engine, the Vendict extension then auto-fills the answers to the TPRM. It’s that simple.

What’s even better?

All your historical compliance question data is stored in one single location. No need to worry about exporting it to excel sheets or other programs manually.

Vendict is currently the only solution on the market with these capabilities. Let us show you how to transform your compliance process from a resource-sapping struggle to one of seamless efficiency.



Co-Founder & CEO @Vendict 

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