SIG Questionnaire Options and Solutions

The Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire is an essential tool for businesses to manage vendor risk and compliance, enabling comprehensive information collection from third parties and vendors.

Types of SIG Questionnaires

  • SIG Core: About 850 questions, targeting all 18 individual risk controls. Ideal for in-depth assessments, especially for high-risk vendors or sensitive information handling.
  • SIG Lite: A shorter version with approximately 330 questions. Suitable for high-level understanding or basic due diligence.
  • Custom SIG: Customizable from the Core and Lite versions to suit specific business needs.

Approaches to Responding to SIG Questionnaires

  • Provide a Completed SIG Questionnaire Proactively: Many vendors choose to complete the SIG questionnaire before being asked by their clients, saving time and building trust.
  • Build a Knowledge Library: Creating a centralized repository of security questions and responses can streamline the completion process, allowing for quick updates and efficient handling of routine queries.
  • Automation and Streamlining: Streamline the SIG questionnaire process by automating information gathering and response, which aligns with industry standards and saves time and resources in vendor risk management.

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