Microsoft Teams integration with Vendict

How to integrate Microsoft Teams with Vendict

How to integrate Microsoft Teams with Vendict

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Vendict can be done in a few steps. The user must be an admin both in Microsoft Teams and in Vendict applications.

Integrate the Vendict app in Microsoft Teams

  • Open Microsoft Teams and go to Apps
  • Select Manage your Apps

Add the Vendict app to a team

  • Search for “Vendict” in the Apps tab
  • Click on Vendict and on Add to a team
  • Select the team (you may need to create one first if you don’t have any) and Set up a bot

Connect the Vendict app to your Vendict account

  • In the Teams tab, click on the three dots aside a connected Team and select Get link to channel
  • In Vendict settings page, insert the copied link in the Tenant ID input and Connect

That’s it! Now the Vendict app is connected.

How to work with Vendict in Microsoft Teams

  • Go to Microsoft Teams to a connected Team
  • In an new or existing conversation, start typing @Vendict and select Vendict app
  • Type search or select the search command

  • Type then your question (or a keyword like “Vendict search drp” below)

  • Select the right answer with Use this answer
  • The message should appear in the conversation

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