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How to integrate Slack with Vendict


The Vendict integration for Slack provides access to your Vendict library via Slack. You can open the access to this Knowledge base to all your company. You control the access to which Slack channel and the library content that is exposed.

With this Vendict integration for Slack, any user can ask a question in IT compliance and get an answer out of the curated library.

How to work with Vendict in Slack

There are different ways to ask a question in a public channel:

1. By typing the question in a message:

a. Start typing /vendict-search in the message box and then your question

b. Select the answer with “Use this answer” and close the confirmation window.

c. The message should appear in the thread

2. As a reaction to a message:

a. Select the three dots of a written message and then vendict-search

b. Then select the answer the same way than in 1.b.

Note: the “Use this answer” button can be used only in public channels (not in direct messages or private channels).

How to integrate Slack with Vendict

Integrating Slack with Vendict can be done in a few steps:

  • A drawer opens. Click on “Add a workspace”
  • A new tab gets opened. Select the relevant Slack workspace.
  • To work properly, the Slack integration requires the permission to read messages and write the answers (only upon request).
  • Accounts may require an app approval from the workspace administrator.

If the workspace does not require an approval:

Or if the workspace require an approval:

A. Ask for approval from the workspace administrator (optionally provide a comment)

B. Your administrator will receive a message to approve this app on the workspace

C. Once the application is approved, you receive a message from the Slackbot

D. Switch back to your settings preferences and press “Add connections” and then “Allow” in the new tab

Switch back to the Vendict app tab. Select the (public) channels that have access to Slack.

That’s it! Now these channels are connected. (If you need to add the app also to private channels, look below “Add the application as a channel member”). By the way, you can also configure per channel which entries are not displayed in Slack (according to their attributes) by selecting “Set Tags” in the connected channel menu.

Allowing cookies

In case cookies are blocked, the Slack integration may fail. See in the below picture how to select to always allow cookies from to avoid this.

Add the application as a channel member

You need to add Vendict app when you want to use it in a specific channel for the first time. To add the application as a channel member:

1. Right-click on the channel name and select “View channel details

2. Go to the “Integrations” tab and select “Add an App

3. Search for the Vendict app and select “Add

That’s it! You can freely use the Vendict app on this channel from there.

Add the application for direct messages

Slack requires to add the application Vendict when sending direct messages to someone for the first time. To add the application when sending direct messages:

  • Click on the “New message” icon
  • Insert the Vendict application
  • Optionally add the other users you want to be part of this conversation

That’s it! You can search in Vendict app in this conversation.

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