SSO integration with Vendict


The Vendict integration with SSO (Single Sign On) provides you the ability to connect your authenticator for the login phase. You control who can access the Vendict app and with which authentication methods.

Note: the below details step-by-step how to integrate with Okta. Vendict can integrate with any authenticator supporting OpenID.

How to integrate Okta with Vendict

Integrating Okta with Vendict can be done in a few steps. On the Okta side:

  • Login into Okta as an administrator
  • In Okta admin page, go to Applications -> Applications, press “Create App Integration”:
  • Choose “OIDC” and “Web Application” options, press next:

  • Choose desired “Assignments” options & press “Save”.
  • You are redirected to your Application’s summary page. Note down the Client ID and Client Secret, you will need them to complete the integration with Vendict.
  • Finally, on Security -> API section, note down the “Authorization Server” you want to use with this integration

On the Vendict side:

  • Login into Vendict as an administrator
  • Go to the “Integrations” tab in the Settings page

  • Enter the Client ID, Client secret and SSO URL (the auth server URL from above) you have noted down in previous steps
  • Press “Connect”
  • In the “Preferences” tab, you can select which authentication methods can be used in your organization account

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