For Proposal Managers

Cut through technically demanding RFPs and accelerate your entire proposal-response process.



Compliance Streamlined

Compliance Streamlined

Slash response times for all RFPs.

Super-Charged Efficiency

Super-Charged Efficiency

No-nonsense set-up, and an intuitive user interface.

AI-Powered Accuracy

AI-Powered Accuracy

Ensure your responses are on point for your customers’ needs.


Even Giant RFPs Are No Match

No matter the complexity or size of RFPs, Vendict streamlines proposal responses with the precision of context-aware AI technology.

Lightening Speed

Proposal Responses at Lightning Speed

Maintain organized, accessible compliance data, and show the customer you’re a pro with fast and accurate proposal responses.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Compliance

When thinking about cybersecurity compliance, many organizations think about a challenging, complex, and overwhelming process that they have to go through. While complying with all the cybersecurity regulations and standards could become a major challenge, it is essential for the organization’s success and growth, while aligning with globally accepted best practices and earning much desired […]