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As a seasoned expert in IoT security, SecuriThings VP of Customer Success Ido Jaffe delved into the world and found himself challenged by the day-to-day requirements of completing security questionnaires. Knowing that potential clients had to meet and confirm strict compliance and regulatory requirements before adopting new software, the supporting role that Ido and his team played in the sales cycle was paramount—but inefficient, investment-heavy, and mundane.

When looking for a solution to the problem, Ido considered the security needs of his own company—and those of his clients. Trusting that Vendict’s AI would be able to meet their strict safety standards and help automate an entirely inefficient task, SecuriThings invested in the Vendict solution to help get the job done.

Now well versed in and using the software in their day-to-day activities, this is Ido’s recount of recognizing where the challenges lay within his own team and choosing a product that would help speed up their response.

The Problem

SecuriThings is no stranger to receiving and completing security questionnaires given their high-growth pace. On the contrary, it’s an expectation with the CISO and sales teams that most, if not all, end customers will require routine compliance questions to be answered before they can adopt a new product, service, or device.

Recognizing that his team was undertaking a lot of manual data entry and having to go back and forth within the company to get the simple questionnaire task done, Ido considered what products on the market could help automate and streamline this day-to-day routine.

Another expectation that needed to be met? In Ido’s words: “We’re currently investing a lot of resources in meeting several security standards, including SOC2. We needed the product to play a role in helping us meet compliance.

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“We’re currently investing a lot of resources in meeting several security standards. We needed the product to play a role in helping us meet compliance.”

Ido Jaffe
VP of Customer Success
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“For companies out there looking to maximize efficiency and productivity, we recommend Vendict to get the job done.”

The Solution

After considering several vendors on the market, SecuriThings decided to go with Vendict. Why? After only a few months of implementation, Ido confirms that Vendict both saves his team a lot of time and—equally as important—the software is helping the company achieve its ISO and SOC2 processes.

Considering the unique needs of ICT and CISO teams in the industry, Ido reflects on Vendict’s highly useful solution for his colleagues in similar situations.

“Vendict is useful for CISOs, Sales Engineers, and Solution teams that are responsible for the onboarding of new clients.”

He confirms: “The onboarding process was very short and easy. We didn’t really need to do much. Vendict took care of everything.”

“For companies out there looking to maximize efficiency, and productivity, and free up time to get their teams’ focus back to other more important tasks, we recommend Vendict to get the job done.”

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